At Vicuna Design we work with clients to offer a one-stop shop for all design needs.


We are dedicated to offering you with best design and furnishing solutions to cater for both small or large scale projects. 

We work with clients worldwide.


Taking all health and safety precautions with the current situation ,we are happy to conduct Zoom meetings as well as coming over to your property to meet you. 


We will be able to ask you key questions to understand your requirements and advise on how we can help you through the process. 

Stage One

Initial Consultation

Based on the initial meeting/visit and insight of the design requirements, your designer will outline a tailored quote to suit your needs.

Your designer will ensure to outline each stage of the process in your design proposal in order to help you understand the works involved and the stages.

We take extra care to be transparent with our clients and make sure they understand the process.


Stage Two

Bespoke Quotation

Now it's time to be creative! 

Your designer will have hundreds of designs going through their mind for your space. They will start to create an initial concept board full of inspirational images that will help you visualise what your space could look like.

As well as aesthetics we know and prioritise practicality, ergonomics and sustainability in our designs. We will work on the best layout options and consider technicalities involved to optimise the use of your space.



Stage Three

Design Process

 Putting together samples are the most exciting. We choose and order the best suited materials for your design. This is where you get to see and feel the colours and textures, pick and choose your favourites.


Stage Four

Finalising Samples

Transforming a design into reality is where real skill is needed. We offer project management service where we are involved with the project until completion. This service involves:

  • Quoting for works from our recommended contractors

  • Ensuring timely deliveries of Fixtures, Fittings and Furnishings

  • Regular site visits to ensure works are done to plan and to outstanding quality

  • Reporting any issues on site to client and suppliers where necessary to find solutions. 


Project Management